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Bulk sms & Web sms

Bulk SMS : Automated Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS/ IVR), Voice call software service- (Send recorded voice call from pc or internet to mobile, useful for running advertising campaigns, making an appeal, also useful for call centers.)

Web Based SMS : We provide simple & easy to use online interface from where you can send SMS to any mobile number in 1, 2, & 3 easy steps. Step 1) Just type the mobile number or upload the files (for bulk sending) to whom you want to send SMS. Step 2) Type your message. Step 3) Preview your message & CLICK send button.

E-mail Solutions & Contact Managment
Contact management systems we reviewed let you create individual client accounts and track interactions. The best contact management software connects the information with multiple users within your company in real time, which aids you to better fulfill your clients' needs. You should also look for a software that helps you to quickly track contact interactions by logging calls and emails.

Determining the number of departments and employees that will need access to your contact management system is crucial, as that will greatly affect the pricing of the different programs. Some contact management software offers flat pricing for unlimited users, but most charge per user and per month. Other client management software programs cap the total number of users you can let have access to information.